Kaleidoscope House

The Kaleidoscope House is for a collector with a compulsive stealing condition. She does not steal for the objective value of things but for the sense of nostalgia an object triggers. After bringing the objects back to her warehouse, she deconstructs and reconstructs them with the rest of her collection, forming a labyrinth that she calls “the kaleidoscope”. She eagerly searches for a sense of belonging for both the objects and herself in these cycles of transformation.

*Quotes from Myla Goldberg’s Bee Season

Studies began with the studies of hinged elements. A chain reaction between elements is caused by particular placements of the hinges. A procession of hinged screens forms a flexible lattice structure. When collapsed, it becomes a dense mass. When stretched, space is formed between the weaves of the planes. The placement of things between the lattice restricts movements.

This collector dwells within the labyrinth of hinged structures and spaces, between the collapse and expansion of a dense mass.