Open Object Showroom

This is a set of site-specific furniture designed for OPEN OBJECT, a contemporary Chinese ceramics studio in Shanghai. The project is a subtle play between proportions, functions, and materiality.

The requirement was to create a flexible exhibition space in the central hall of their office that could exhibit most of their ceramic works and potential future activities where people may need seating. The space is a 6.5x3.5x2.5m box that opens up to the public through two large sliding doors. The ceramics come in three colors: black, white, and sand. Additionally, the project had a tight budget.

Bounded by these restrictions, a dual-level planar composition was conceived. The 100cm height is for exhibition and the 50cm is for seating but could also be used as lower exhibition platforms. When combined they create a strong presence in the center, when scattered they may be composed freely to create different dialogues between the ceramics. The furniture set occupied approximately ⅕ of the room, which creates an interesting tension between the furniture pieces as a whole and the boundaries of the room. To neutralize the colors and textures of the different ceramics, galvanized steel was chosen. The pieces were manually sanded to create a soft reflective surface that resonates with the glazings of the ceramics.