Sand House

The sand collector is a traveler. She brings home the sand from each place she has visited as mementos. They not only serve as capsules for space but also time and states of mind. As the collection grows, her perception of the world became more and more “granular”, “understanding how and to what extent the world that has been ground down and eroded can still find in sand a foundation and model”.

*Quotes from Italo Calvino’s Collection of Sand

Each time a jar of sand is brought back, the space is split. Everything is split in search of the precise grain of the space. Planes cascade, lines jog. The intersection of gaps initiates space-making. The edges of a surface no longer define its finitude, through splitting, a whole new dimension is introduced.

The models oscillate between constructing voids with thin planar materials and excavating voids with dense block materials. The sand collector dwells between the voids of the gaps and the materialization of the gaps.