Stone House

The stone collector lives on a hill. She explores the hill every day and collects stones on every walk. When she encounters an endearing stone that is too big to move, she would create a path that would connect her house to the stone, expanding the scope of her collection. The stones are both objects of affection and demarcations of space.

*Quotes from Kendra Greene’s The Stone Collector

Like the strata one finds in a stone or a section of the earth, space-making is initiated with the act of stacking. Void is found from the sliding and intersecting of the stacked mass.

The stone collector honors the original site of the stone. The structure cascades along the hill to meet the stones. The serendipitous nature of the discovery was introduced in the model-making process. Models were often cast without clear planning, some casts were simply the result of blocks being thrown into the mold. The unexpected voids enticed the imagination. The stone collector dwells in the subtle shifts between the mass and void.