Symbiosis is a collection of furniture which questions the established extensionality of rugs an furniture. Originally designed for a showroom, Symbiosis considers the characteristics of the showroom which constantly changes throughout the season. It allows people to freely detach rugs from furniture and replace it with another to suit their showroom’s personality. Long yarns were hand embroidered on top of the rugs and intentionally designed to come down to the floor to naturally blend the edge of the furniture and facade of the floor. By simply combining furniture with rugs which come down to the surface of the floor, Symbiosis breaks boundaries of 3D and 2D an intrigues many audiences by letting them consider the possibility of furniture. Mixing characteristic of cold man-made metal and warm textiles, 3D and 2D, various facades, rigidity and flexibility, Symbiosis tries to convey the beauty of coexistence through this design.

This project was completed in collaboration with textile designer Goya Choi.